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Episode 3

Which is Cheaper for 2022? Bringing IT In-House or Outsourcing IT?

Today's episode breaks down the cost analysis of how much money your business will typically spend if you choose to bring IT in-house vs. if you choose to outsource an IT department.

AJ Owen, Vice President of Central Technology Solutions, specifically discussed the following:

  • Three job positions to consider when bringing IT in-house; CIO, Technical Account Manager, and Help Desk.
  • The average salary of those three positions.
  • What to expect out of those three positions.
  • What's the cost difference when outsourcing those three roles?
  • The average salary of outsourcing IT (including the IT tool stack)
  • What you avoid dealing with when outsourcing IT.

As an outsourced IT company, we receive this question all the time from CEOs, CFOs, and even IT professionals. So, we felt the need to dive into this question as much as possible.

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